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Run the Vertical and BE A PART OF THE of the Edoardo Camardella Bivouac

This year, an important project has been launched with the aim of creating a bivouac named after Edoardo in La Thuile on the Ruitor Pass at an altitude of around 3360m. As organisers of the La Thuile Trail, we created an initiative to contribute to the realisation of this project. From today there is one more reason to participate in the Vertical of La Thuile scheduled for Sunday 25 July 2021.

The initiative: 20 euros for each Mont Blanc climbed For each difference in altitude of 4810m climbed by the competitors - corresponding to the height of Mont Blanc - the La Thuile Trail has decided to donate 20.00 euros towards the construction of the bivouac.

This is our pact: you take part in this exciting challenge on the Franco Berthod World Cup piste and we will make a financial contribution to this project!

Sign up now for the Vertical!

We are also asking all friends of the Trail and of Edo to lend us a hand with a personal donation via the link below, to help us turn this ambitious and significant project into reality. The entire sum collected will be donated for the construction of the Edoardo Camardella bivouac.

With a little help, together, we can make a difference.

Thank you very much!

The La Thuile Trail is run in memory of Edo Camardella. By organising and running this race we want to pay tribute to a unique person, a friend who always dedicated himself to the organisation of the trail with all of his passion and energy.

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