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Edo was born in Aosta on 11/8/1991 and grew up in La Thuile, where he spent his entire life, except to be absent from the Valle d'Aosta village for a run, trip abroad or an adventure of his own.

Edo was full of sunshine, always positive and with a great sense of humor. Edo loved sports and the mountains more than anything else. In 2012 Edo became a ski instructor and began teaching at the La Thuile Ski School,  on the slopes of his home. Even in summer Edo loved to conquer peaks and whiz along the paths of the Aosta Valley and beyond. In 2015 Edo completed one of his first ultra trail races - the 60km Licony Trail. From this great passion, together with the group of friends still involved in the organization, the idea of designing and organizing a trail in La Thuile was born in Edo's mind. This is where the La Thuile Trail - 25km started, which is in its first edition in 2016 it had almost 180 members. At the following two editions in 2017 and 2018, after having contributed to the preparation of the trail in many of its aspects, Edo participated as a competitor ranked sixth and ninth respectively, arriving a few minutes from the podium! In 2019, sharing with the other organizers the desire to make this event grow and make it even more spectacular, two new races were added and Edo was entirely dedicated to the organization of the race weekend. Among other things, some of the clips from the official video were shot by him, who with the passion that distinguished him, ran various sections of the route to capture unique images!

At the age of 28 in November 2019, Edo sadly left us. He passed away during his last descent in fresh snow, close to home on Mont Blanc. The only consolation is knowing that Edo has always lived for sports, through his engaging passion he inspired many young people to practice sports and until the last moment of his life he was doing what he loved. Never holding back. Full steam ahead.

Edo is always with us, especially in these moments. We want to remember him every year by carrying on this magnificent event that Edo always loved and honoured, right up to the last second, right up to the last kilometre.

This is how we want to remember you, during one of your last races, the last one in the mountains of your home. And what do you know, you were full throttle here too!

In 2019 we did not simply lose one of the organisers and creators of the La Thuile Trail, we lost a friend, a partner, a fellow adventurer. We have lost a person who had enthusiasm to spare, who was always positive and who found a way to bring a smile to our faces even in the most tense and intricate situations. A person who knew how to create a group and unite people, even those who were very different from each other. From this year the La Thuile Trail will be Memorial Edo Camardella.

By organising and running this race we want to pay tribute to a unique person, who always dedicated himself with passion and energy to the organisation of the trail. A person who loved the mountains like few others and who lived in the mountains until his last breath. There is no better way to remember a friend and athlete like Edo than to dedicate to him the mountain trail. He lived for races and in one of his last messages, he wrote: "Races should be run at full speed, otherwise you stay at home". This year, for us organisers, for all the volunteers and for those who run there will be an extra motivation and a push because he will be there at the top watching us, cheering for the competitors, encouraging them to go full throttle. We miss him physically, but we know that he will always be with us, in our hearts. And we will always do our best to make this trail live up to your name. This race is for you Edo!


Here are some of the most important races completed by Edo:​

CCC (UTMB) 101km - 2017

La Thuile Trail 25km - 2017 & 2018

UTLO 90 km - 2016

UYN Vertical Courmayeur Mont Blanc K1000 - 2017 & 2019

Licony Trail 60km - 2015

Kilometer Vertical de Fully - 2017

La Veia Skyrace - European Skyrunning Championships - 2019

Monviso Trail Tour - 2015

Mezzalama Trophy - 2017

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