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The regulations will adapt to the law in force on the date of the event, related to the extraordinary measures for the COVID-19 situation. Therefore, the regulations or parts of it may be subject to changes that will be communicated in time to the participants (it may be necessary to have a staggered start, require tests performed in the days before the race, masks at the start and in other places and times of the race, the pasta party may be replaced by packed lunch to be consumed while maintaining the distance and the showers may not be available) and based on the COVID-19 situation extraordinary measures may be taken to ensure the safety of athletes, organizers, workers and volunteers.



The regulations of the sport competition outline the behaviours, ethics, relationships, rights and duties that the competitor agrees to respect. Anyone who participates as a competitor, organizer, volunteer, sponsor or in any other capacity, commits and is required to comply with these rules that he/she signs at the time of enrollment as a competitor, organizer, volunteer, sponsor or in any other capacity.



The "LA THUILE TRAIL" is a trail running race in semi-autonomy and is organized by HEY TEAM S.S.D. a r. l. in collaboration with the municipality of LA THUILE and in collaboration with many local associations of which you can have a complete list on the official website. The competitors, volunteers, the organization and its partners are united morally and share the same principles and values:


  • Rules designed for everyone and applied identically to everyone and valid for everyone;

  • No monetary rewards but recognition to for all runners who finish the race;



  • Respect for self and others by avoiding any kind of cheating;

  • Respect for the volunteers who participate in the event;

  • Respect for the local population that hosts the race;

  • Respect for the organization and its partners.



  • Do not throw/drop anything (rubbish, paper, gels, food waste etc.) on the trail;

  • Respect the fauna and flora;

  • Do not cut the paths because it causes soil erosion and irreparable damage;

  • Favouring, for themselves and their companions, the use of public transport and car sharing to get to the race;

The "La Thuile Trail" adheres to the "waste campaign": "IO NON GETTO I MIEI RIFIUTI" (I don’t drop my waste). This is a campaign promoted by Spirito Trail and aimed at all true trailers, athletes and organizers, to protect the environment and nature. All too often, during races, waste left by participants can be seen left on the trail (web page:



  • To lend aid to any person who may be in difficulty or danger;

  • Support a charity: this serves to relativize one's suffering and to become aware of one's privileges;



The organizers and sole responsible for the event are the HEY TEAM S.S.D. a r. l. and the COMUNE DI LA THUILE that have their legal headquarters respectively in Foro Buonaparte 22, 20121 Milano and in Via Marcello Collomb n. 3 - 11016 LA THUILE (AO). The event is carried out in collaboration with other associations in the area whose activities are coordinated by HEY TEAM S.S.D. A R. L. and the Municipality of LA THUILE.


LA THUILE TRAIL is a trail running race in semi-autonomy, it is a mountain running competition with medium demanding gradients that reaches a maximum altitude of 2900m. It is classified as a "RED" route (CAI definition) defined as "EE-Trail for Experienced Hikers. Itinerary requires the ability to move on particular terrain, tracks or paths impervious or treacherous (slopes with rocky outcrops or debris), sometimes exposed.". The track does not present traits with alpine difficulties.

The La Thuile Trail is divided into three separate races:

  • TRAIL 25: around 25km with an elevation gain of around 1500 meters

  • MARATHON 42: around 43km with an elevation gain of around 2500 meters.

  • ULTRA 70: around 70km with an elevation gain of around 4000 meters

The trails are mainly mountain hiking paths, with the exception of a few rocky sections and short stretches on farm roads or paved roads. The tracks of each route are available on the event website*.

*In the event of adverse weather (e.g. snow or thunderstorms), an alternate route will be provided for each of the three races.


  • Ultra 70: Mass start on Saturday, July 27, 2024 at 5:00am at the area overlooking the Piazza Cavalieri Vittorio Veneto in the centre of the village. 

  • Marathon 42: Mass start on Saturday, July 27, 2024 at 7:30am at the area overlooking the Piazza Cavalieri Vittorio Veneto in the centre of the village.  

  • Trail 25: Mass start on Saturday, July 27, 2024 at 8.30am at the area overlooking the Piazza Cavalieri Vittorio Veneto in the centre of the village. 


The timing will be done by a chip provided by WEDOSPORT. The competitor must be present at least 15 minutes before the start to be registered and validated. Once the competitor is validated at the start, he/she will have to stay inside the "starting area", which has been specially marked (except in cases of obvious necessity). Any runner not validated will appear "not started" and will not be counted among the finishers.


The maximum time to complete the race, in order to be counted in the official ranking, is:

  • Trail 25: 7 (seven hours).
    Marathon 42: 11.30 (eleven hours and thirty minutes).

  • Ultra 70: 18.00 (eighteen hours).

In case of bad weather conditions and/or for safety reasons, the organization reserves the right to suspend or cancel the race in progress or to change the scheduled times and routes.


Trail 25: the following time limits are in place:

  • Rifugio Deffeyes – km 13 – 3.30 hours

  • Finish – km 25 – 7 hours (maximum time)

Marathon 42: the following time limits are in place:

  • Col Chavannes – km 19  - 5.30 hours

  • Bar du Lac - km 33 - 9 hours

  • Finish – km 43 - 11.30 hours

Ultra 70: the following time limits are in place:

  • Rifugio Deffeyes – km 13 – 3.30 hours

  • Intermedio La Thuile – km 25 – 6.15 hours

  • Alpe Youlaz – km 32 – 8 hours

  • Col Chavannes – km 44  - 11.30 hours

  • Bar du Lac - km 58 - 15 hours

  • Finish – 70km - 18 hours

Those who do not pass through the time checkpoints will be stopped and will not be able to continue the race and will not be admitted to the final classification. The organization will not be held responsible for injuries or problems suffered by athletes after passing through the checkpoint after the maximum time. Stopped athletes will have to walk to the finish area or in case of problems or serious injuries agree with the organization an easily accessible recovery point.


The Ultra 70 and Marathon 42 are open to all people, men and women, aged 18 years or older at the time of the race. Persons under the age of 18 will not be allowed to take part in any race. To participate the following is essential:


  • be in possession of a medical certificate of fitness for competitive athletics (D.M. 18.02.1982 tab. B) valid on the date of the race. NO SELF-CERTIFICATION or declaration of good health issued by your doctor is allowed. Self-certification is also prohibited by art.5 of the C.C. "Acts of disposition of one's own body".

  • be absolutely aware of the length and specificity of the race and be fully prepared.

  • have acquired, before the race, a real capacity for personal autonomy in the mountains (NB: participation in other races is useful for acquiring this experience, but it is not necessarily sufficient)

  • to be able to better manage the problems related to this type of race and in particular: be able to face alone, without help, weather conditions that could become difficult because of the altitude (wind, cold, fog, rain or snow)

  • to be able to manage, even in isolation, physical or psychological problems due to great fatigue, gastrointestinal problems, muscular or joint pains, minor injuries.

  • be aware that the role of the organization is not to help a runner manage these problems and that for mountain running, safety depends on the runner's ability to adapt to problems encountered or foreseeable.


Animals are not allowed.



The race must be run in semi-autonomy. Semi-autonomy is defined as the ability to be autonomous between two refreshment points, with regard to safety, food and equipment, as well as being able to adapt to encountered or foreseeable problems (bad weather, physical discomfort, injuries, etc.). This principle implies the following rules:

  1. Each runner must carry all mandatory equipment (see paragraph EQUIPMENT) with him/her for the duration of the race. This must be carried in a backpack/bag and checked at the bib collection (it is trusted that this material will be used during the race as ethically correct). At any time, the race officials may check the contents of the backpacks. The competitor has the obligation to submit to these controls willingly, or face the penalty of disqualification.

  2. The refreshment stations are supplied with drinks and food to be consumed on site. The organization provides only natural water for filling water bottles or camel bags. Upon leaving each refreshment point, runners must have the necessary amount of water and food to get to the next refreshment point.

  3. Personal assistance from family members is tolerated only and exclusively at the refreshment points of Rifugio Deffeyes and La Thuile (for the 70km), at the discretion of the area manager. The assistance must be provided by a single person, without specific material, only with a small bag.

  4. Professional assistance unrelated to the rescue of the race (team, professional coach, doctor or para-medical...) is absolutely forbidden both in the refreshment/water points and along the route.

  5. It is forbidden to be accompanied on the course by a person who is not registered as a competitor.



The following water and refreshment points will be available for the Trail 25 and Ultra 70 races: ​

  • Fortino Plan Praz km 6 - water

  • Deffeyes km 13 – water and food

  • La Joux km 22 - water

  • La Thuile km 25 – water and food

  • Alpe Youlaz km 32 – water

  • Chavannes (at the start of the farm road) km 44 – water and food

  • Bar du Lac km 58  – water and food


The following water and refreshment points will be available for the Marathon 42: ​

  • Alpe Youlaz km 7 – water

  • Chavannes (at the start of the farm road) km 19 – water and food

  • Bar du Lac km 33  – water and food

Refreshment and water points may change depending on the health situation at the time of the event. 

Runners must have a plastic cup or other suitable personal container for drinking. There will be no plastic cups at the water/refreshment points. Every runner must ensure that he or she has the amount of water and food he or she will need to get to the finish line and to transit from one refreshment station to the next.

Water points are places where it is possible to get water or other liquid drinks. Refreshment points are places where the runner can have some food provided by the organization, can rest for a short period (half an hour maximum). The refreshment area is strictly for runners only. You are required to follow the designated route within the refreshment station, even if you do not stop.


By registering, each runner agrees to carry all the obligatory material listed below throughout the race, under penalty of disqualification.

Compulsory for the Trail 25: (checks along the route of some of the material will be possible).

  • hat or bandana or buff;

  • shoes suitable for the competition and the type of terrain, suitable to hold (grip) and secure to the foot (lace up);

  • clothing suitable for mountain running;

  • backpack or fanny pack;

  • elastic bandage suitable for bandaging or strapping (minimum 80cm x 3cm);

  • whistle;

  • water reserve (minimum 1000cl) and food reserve (minimum 2 food bars or similar);

  • personal drinking cup;

  • thermal long sleeve t-shirt; 

  • waterproof technical jacket;

  • survival blanket;

  • cell phone (with rescue service saved in contacts)


Only and exclusively for Marathon 42 the following items are also mandatory:

  • gloves

  • leggings, or pants below the knee + long socks, so that you can cover the whole leg

Only and exclusively for Ultra 70 the following items are also mandatory:

  • gloves

  • leggings, or pants below the knee + long socks, so that you can cover the whole leg

  • 2x working headlamp with spare batteries

  • waterproof pants

  • food reserve (minimum 4 food bars or similar); ​

Recommended: Extra food reserve, sunglasses

Allowed: Use of poles*, stopwatch, altimeter, cardio


*The use of poles for all races is allowed, provided that the competitor brings them with him for the entire duration of the race. It is forbidden to start the race without poles and get them during the course of the race.


To take part in any race it is required to have a medical certificate for competitive sports valid at least until the date of the race. For foreign athletes it is mandatory to fill out the designated form to be signed and stamped by the doctor. NO other type of medical certificate will be accepted in any way.



To register for the trail it is mandatory to fill in all its parts, sign and send ONLINE exclusively to WEDOSPORT the waiver document (downloadable here).



It is mandatory to register exclusively through the WEDOSPORT website at individually for each competitor by filling in the required fields and providing the following necessary documentation:





In the official list of members (starters) will appear only to athletes who have made the payment. The above documents constitute a contractual commitment on the part of the competitor. The payment must be made only online on the WEDOSPORT website at the same time as the registration by credit card. The registration will be recorded as completed in the database of the organization.

In the event that the registered competitor does not provide the release and sports medical certificate in time, he/she will not be able to take part in the competition and the registration fee will not be refunded. No certificates or registrations will be accepted at the time of race departure. Registration is personal and final, no bib number exchanges and/or name substitutions are allowed.


By signing up to participate in the trail, the competitor confirms that he/she has read, understands and accepts in writing and without reservation these rules and regulations and the ethics of the race published by the organization.



Registration will close on Thursday, July 25, 2024 at midnight or upon reaching the maximum number of entries, set at:

  • 400 registrations for the TRAIL 25

  • 300 registrations for the MARATHON 42

  • 200 registrations for the ULTRA 70



The trail entry fee varies by date of entry as follows:


Trail 25

  • first 10 registrations: 20.00 EUR

  • until April 30, 2024: 30.00 EUR

  • until June 30, 2024: 37.00 EUR

  • until close of registrations: 45.00 EUR


Marathon 42

  • first 10 registrations: 35.00 EUR

  • until April 30, 2024: 45.00 EUR

  • until June 30, 2024: 55.00 EUR

  • until close of registrations: 65.00 EUR

Ultra 70

  • first 10 registrations: 50.00 EUR

  • until April 30, 2024: 70.00 EUR

  • until June 30, 2024: 80.00 EUR

  • until close of registrations: 90.00 EUR

The registration fee includes the race package, a post-race meal that takes place at the finish area (to be confirmed by the organization the week before the event, respecting the Covid-19 rules) and all assistance.



In order to guarantee recognition to the elite runners, the organization is pleased to invite, paying the cost of registration, athletes who meet the following criteria:



  • 680+ ITRA points  - free entry

  • 630 - 679 ITRA points - 50% discount on entry


  • 800+  ITRA points  - free entry

  • 750 - 799  ITRA points - 50% discount on entry ​​


The winners of the previous edition will automatically receive a wild card to enter the next edition for free. 


The organisation will announce decisions relating to each variation provided for in these regulations (modification of the route, variation of the time limits, safety of the route, etc.) latest on Friday 26 July 2024 through a written briefing (runners' guide) sent per email to all participants.



The race fee is the amount paid for the services of the race by the competitor in good standing with payment and race documentation (registration form, waiver and medical certificate for competitive sports). There is no refund of the race fee for any reason except for the cancellation of the event by the organization for national health emergencies (Covid 19), in which case each participant will be refunded 80% of the fee. In case of bad weather, at the discretion of the organization, an alternative route will be prepared that will differ from that proposed. The organization also reserves the right to cancel the race if the weather conditions put at risk the safety of participants or rescuers. In this case the athletes will not be entitled to a refund of the registration fee.

In case of inability to participate in the competition, the cancellation must be communicated only in writing  to The following methods of reimbursement are available:

  • Cancellation before 31/05/24: refund of 50% of the registration fee,

  • Cancellation before 30/06/24 refund of 40% of the registration fee,

There are no refunds for requests received after 30/06/24.

Any refunds, net of bank charges, will be made by 31/12/2024.


In the case of a runner’s non-chronic osteo-articular or muscular injury, and only in this case, arising after registration and which is not completely curable by the day of the race, the athlete will have to send a medical certificate, released not after the day of the race, with the pathology and the prognosis to

If the medical committee’s decision is favourable, the runner will benefit from a 50% discount for the registrations, for the same race, to the next year event. ​


Bibs can be collected on Friday, July 26, 2024 from 3 p.m. until 8 p.m. (at the hall above the pharmacy at the entrance to the village) and on Saturday, July 27, 2024 in the start area (the area overlooking the Piazza Cavalieri Vittorio Veneto) in the centre of the village. :

  • from 04:00 until 04:30a.m. for the ULTRA 70

  • from 06.00 a.m. until 07.00a.m. for the MARATHON 42

  • from 07:00 a.m. until 08:00 a.m. for the TRAIL 25


Each bib is issued individually to each competitor upon presentation of a photo ID. The bib must be worn over clothing and positioned on the chest or belly and be visible at all times in its entirety throughout the race. It must therefore be placed over all clothing and in no case fixed on the backpack or on one leg.


The bib will be assigned according to the chronological order of registration complete with documentation on the site WEDOSPORT. The list of starters will be posted on the race website updated weekly.



The timing CHIP will be stuck to the bib. In case of damage to the bib the organization does not assume the responsibility of malfunction of the bib. Please look after your bib. The bib gives the runners access to the aid/refreshment areas, pasta party and showers.



There is no bag drop-off or storage area for runners before, during, or at the end of the race. 


The refreshment posts and the finish line are first aid call points: they are connected with the race organization. ​


Ambulances, civil protection and doctors will be present on the territory. The first aid stations are intended to bring assistance to all persons in danger with the organization's own means or by means of contracted organizations. The rescuers are authorized to evacuate with all the means of their convenience the runners judged to be in danger.


In case of necessity, for reasons that are in the interest of the rescued person, only and exclusively in the judgement of the organization, the official mountain rescue service will be called in, which will take over the direction of operations and will put in place all appropriate means, including the helicopter. Any expenses arising from the use of these exceptional means will be borne by the rescued person in accordance with the regulations in force. A runner who appeals to a doctor or a rescuer submits himself de facto to his authority and undertakes to respect his decisions. In case of bad weather conditions and/or for safety reasons, the organization reserves the right to suspend or cancel the race in progress or to modify the scheduled times and routes.


The route will be marked with flags, signs, signals or other indicators in order to avoid deviations or unauthorized shortcuts and to ensure maximum safety of competitors and the public. During the briefing it will be indicated how the route is marked. It is compulsory for each competitor, to consult and know the route and download the GPX track from and upload it on the device that they will bring in the race (watch or cell phone).


Throughout the course there will be unexpected control points, where members of the organization will monitor the passage of the athletes. The passage of the athletes will also be checked at the refreshments points. Only the competitors registered at each control will be included in the ranking. We ask all athletes to promptly communicate the bib number if it is required by the staff stationed on the path.


All participants will be able to use the showers provided by the organization at the end of the race.


In case of abandonment of the race along the route, the runner is obliged to go to the nearest control post and communicate his abandonment. In case of failure to communicate a withdrawal and the consequent start of the search for the runner, any resulting expense will be charged to the runner himself. The competitor who abandons the competition will have to return with his own means and forces to the finish.



Only competitors who cross the finish line will be included in the ranking. A general classification for men and for women will be drawn up with awards for the first three overall. The awards ceremony will be held in the finish area.


Along the route there will be race controllers who are authorized to check the mandatory material and the respect of the whole regulation. Competitors will be subject to disqualification if they incur one of the following violations:

  • Absence of mandatory safety equipment

  • Refusal to be checked/examined by organization staff, refusal to be seen by an organization physician.

  • Leaving waste or rubbish on the trail by the runner or their companions

  • Use of a means of transportation, sharing and swapping bibs, failure to pass a checkpoint, doping or refusal to submit to doping controls, failure to assist another runner in need, insults, rudeness or threats toward members of the organization or volunteers.

  • Refusal to comply with an order from the race direction, a race marshal, a doctor, or an EMT.

  • Departure from a checkpoint after the time limit has passed



Only written complaints will be accepted from the competitors in the 30 minutes following the posting of the provisional results, with delivery of a deposit of € 50 to the manager of HEY TEAM S.S.D. A R. L. Complaints will be evaluated by a jury composed of:

  • race director as well as course manager;

  • all appropriate persons designated by the race director;

  • the competitor and any person authorized by him/her;

The jury is empowered to deliberate in a time compatible with the obligations of the race on all disputes or disqualifications occurred during the race. The decisions taken are without appeal as they are made in an open manner and will be made public through written minutes. In the event that the complaint is rejected, the deposit will be forfeited, it will not be returned but will be donated to a charity indicated in the minutes. Conversely, if the complaint is upheld, the deposit will be refunded.



The organization will take out a civil responsibility insurance for the whole period of the race. The organization is responsible for insuring/filing each member (not already a Fidal member) with the C.S.I. (Comitato CSI Aosta) to guarantee the insurance protection of all runners. The cost of the insurance is included in the registration fee. Participation takes place under the full responsibility of the runners, who renounce any recourse against the organizers in case of damage and further consequences that occur before and after the race and outside of it. At the time of registration, the runner must sign a release of liability. However, it is advisable for each runner to sign a personal insurance policy for accidents and possible recovery and transport by helicopter (for example: Ultrafondus).


Each competitor, at the time of registration, authorizes the organization to use the data provided for the sole purpose of this event for the publication of rankings, indication of years of birth, gender, category, running times and any other information that does not affect the sensitive data of the individual in respect of the competitor.


Competitors consent in writing to the use of the provided computer addresses (email, web addresses) for the purpose of receiving promotions of both committee and individual organization events, as well as for general and commercial communications from sponsors.


By registering the participants authorize the organization to freely use, without territorial limits of time, still and moving images that portray them when participating in the event. Each participant waives the rights to own their image during the event, as well as waives all recourse against the organisation and its partners for the use of his/her image.

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